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We Are Ultraçade Industries

A 40 years history, a  positive future!

Since 1986, we have worked in the field of sheet metal for construction. We have built an industrial tool dedicated to custom-made products, with a 360° offer. We are able to manage an operation from A to Z: from the design office (research & development) to the supply of raw materials, and then to the manufacturing of the product until its delivery. We are passionate about the possibilities of metal construction.


We have developed a long term vision, and have innovated on unique 3D facade offers, first custom made, and now with a new industrial standard model. We create façades with positives vibes!

New ambitions…

Today, we are approaching the most ambitious moment in our history: a unique offering of active, positive 3D facades, integrating solar panels. An innovative, patented solution connected to today's challenges. We are now changing scale.

New scale

Our new investor, FIMAVI GROUP, gives us the means and the industrial experience to mass produce a fully integrated solar facade offer, a new solution for accelerating the energy transition.


Your façade could be an energy hub!


Ultraçade Industries is now a key player on the BIPV
(Building Integrated Photovoltaics) market

Jobs & careers




A change is coming, you can be a part of it.

Contact us at to learn about future job opportunities.

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